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[LS] Rangers
14.05.2019, 00:00 

S_h_a_r_k_93 wrote:

I get what you're saying, thank you for your feedback.


Enforcer wrote:

Lately the pain of rulebreakers is coming back, especially if admins are offline...

My current playing style is adjusted by this kind of gameplay. Call it right or wrong, but to beat an asshole you need to act like one. Otherwise the endresult is most likely u are getting raped on top of it with some additional chat feedback as well. Ultimately resulting in everyone being one, gone is your joyfull fun battle game. or simply an empty server..

To me it seems the current ruleset of the auto-admin program u guys are using simply isn't effective at all. That also counts for the never ending warnings when an admin is online. Just kick the F$%% that breaks the rules! I personally think u need something else to counter this. I've played on weekend warriors and they have a nice auto-admin. It simply kills u when break the rules. Break them multiple times and u get kicked or banned... This seems a lot more effective then the current situation.

Also the current rules need some adjustment imho. When a J10 has taken off it is protected if it lands to repair ( on top of being OP in 1st place vs the f35)? Thats just insane!

Well, unlike Sharpie, I don't 'get what you're saying'... Not one bit, in fact I disagree with pretty much everything you've written.

Maybe you need to go back to lessons you should have learned when you were a child, perhaps you still are? Anyway, you should know that: two wrongs don't make a right. Learn it fast or you'll end up banned yourself. Lead by example, that must be a good example. Simple fact.

Weekend Warriors use the same software we do so no idea what you are talking about really, makes zero sense- their AutoAdmin does not kill anyone and it's very very similar to ours in operation. There is no current "situation" server is doing well and our AutoAdmin is the best it has ever been. It would also be breaking BF2's/BF2Hub's ROE to kill people automatically for breaking server-specific rules like Super@ do, I assume that's who you are confusing Weekend Warriors with although not really sure how you've managed to confuse them.

Take it from me, a Dogfighter, the F-35B is the better jet, this is not even a discussion/debate, it's a fact. Yes the J-10 is protected when it lands, so what? The F-35B is too on the carrier.
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[LS] Rangers
14.05.2019, 07:00 

I Don't get the problem too
Imo autoadmin takes care of 70 %'of rulebreaks.
Sometimes you can kill grounded by accident (stray missiles) so it would be unfair to get a kick instantly
Known rulebreakers dont get any more warnings, for new players its a way to learn or learn it the hard way
I think you dramatize the situation alot. Ive not been very busy with admin action lately (mainly thanks to autoadmin).
Obviously admins cant be around 24/7 but so ? just report the bastard. Even better instead of writing this you could have got recorded evidence of these so called ''pains of rulebreakers'' if they bothered you so much.

Also airfield is pretty vulnerable from all kinds of attacks and it can get capped. So its only normal and fair that chinese air vehicles are safe from grounded USA jet attacks even when they return from flights to repair
Given By: StarLine
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[LS] Rangers
14.05.2019, 08:42 

China aircraft are also not safe from attack heli's at the airfield, grounded or not. Unlike US helis on the carrier, which can't be attacked
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[LS] Rangers
14.05.2019, 16:55  Homepage

StarLine wrote:

Well, unlike Sharpie, I don't 'get what you're saying'... Not one bit.
In fact I disagree with pretty much everything you've written.

Enforcer is suggesting a more aggressive AdminMap setup, which is possible without breaking the ROE (in other words, less warnings, more kicks; albeit on second read I realized he was referring to human admin's warnings, not autoadmin's).

In any way, we're talking about game servers and online video games; not about a kindergarten where you have to educate children. This is more sort of a ... detention class environment: lots of brats, no teacher to *actually stop them ... just a recorded tape that goes on and on saying: you shall not baserape!

Don't mind my ramblings ... on another note:
@Enforcer why don't you become admin instead?

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17.05.2019, 08:43 

Indeed my suggestion is to try and test a more aggressive setup. But reading all the comments on my original posts its obvious that's not up for discussion.

Soo i consider it case closed....

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[LS] Rangers
23.05.2019, 22:37 

Enforcer wrote:

Indeed my suggestion is to try and test a more aggressive setup. But reading all the comments on my original posts its obvious that's not up for discussion.

If you had simply said that then it would have been a little easier to discuss. Instead you basically told us you plan to take (or have already taken) matters into your own hands and suggested that you would ignore our rules in the process of getting your revenge on any players you feel have wronged you. I would instead advise you to do what I have always done, swap to the other team and hunt them fairly/cleanly and rack up their deaths, this is the best type of revenge. Then when the round has finished, if you are still feeling upset you can upload some evidence here in the Forum and they'll be monitored and banned if they continue their behaviour too.

A more aggressive AutoAdmin setup is something I have considered myself enough times over the years but as I've already told you: insta-killing rule violators is not an option I would ever implement as that would be a violation of the BF2/BF2Hub Rules of Engagement. We prefer to give players a few warnings first (particularly because of new players who don't know the rules) and we have a very good team of Admins who keep the childish players out of our servers on a regular basis. It's quite rare that there is not at least one of our Members on our Servers when they are populated.

Besides these two things, your own confusion about Weekend Warriors and the AutoAdmin of other Servers compared to ours didn't really help your argument.

So, whilst we of course appreciate feedback and suggestions we'd kindly remind you and anyone else who reads this that there are very few things we haven't already thought about or discussed - considering the standards / level of professionalism we have demonstrated here for over 3 years and that we've built a large, successful community from the ashes of a dying game; I think that should be pretty obvious and any suggestions people wish to make should be well thought out or otherwise may seem a little insulting.
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