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[LS] Rangers
20.01.2019, 16:41 

Its fine for me, i prefer games without commander
Given By: dsghsdf
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[LS] Rangers
20.01.2019, 16:44  Homepage

I confirm the player limit is set to 48 players total (so 38 without counting the bots). Not sure why it was set that way, I assume it may have to do with the old rotation? I believe we were running smaller maps (32 size I think). Anyways, so dsghsdf is saying he would disable commander entirely. Laugh I am afraid that is not possible. But seriously, when do we see commanding on the server? Usually only during weekends when we pass the threshold. Correct me if I am wrong but I don't recall people successfully applying for commander during the week ... yet.

Staff Officer Italy S_h_a_r_k_93 

EDIT: Carbon so you mean you wouldn't change the current threshold for commander (i.e. 24 players; 10 bots + 14 humans). I think it works ok for the moment.
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[LS] Rangers
20.01.2019, 23:03 

+1 for current cmdr threshold, works fine imo
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22.01.2019, 02:22 

Hello and thank you for your appreciation and welcome.

In reply to Italy S_h_a_r_k_93 but speech valid for everyone

Regarding the maps I had read all the pages, but few complained about the night maps ... it does not seem to me more than those that required them. I should reread everything again to mention the names.
As for the server, I do not discuss that since I do not follow the story.
But if you go behind those who enter and those who go out risk of becoming crazy, because you'll never know what goes through the head to all the random players that run for the web.
Especially now that Gamespy no longer exists and anyone can use this game practically for free.
However, if I can express a specific opinion ... from what I had already understood in the ^golden days^, many complain about the night vision that annoys the eyes.
Objectively, if you use the game ^as is^ he is almost all completely black and the night glasses are a bit ^uncomfortable^ in general, and could bother you in the long run.
There is the possibility to avoid too strong contrasts:
(I take it for granted that everyone already has ^DynamicLightingQuality^ and ^DynamicShadowsQuality^ at minimum or zero)
By changing the ^Range^ in the color settings of the video card (I use nvidia) you can make the difference between light and dark less extreme making everything more visible, playable and less annoying. I think many do not know this possibility, which is NOT a trick, since it goes to work only on the ^normal^ video card settings available to everyone.
I always use it @ 1.6 (even on the daily PC), and it's like that on the gaming PC, since the new BF are much more ^user friendly^ (arcade x casual player) and the night maps are not so ^nocturnal^, but very clearly visible (in fact there are no longer night vision glasses).
When I use BF2SF, to night maps, also increase the brightness and contrast of the monitor (consider that I still use my good and ^old^ CRT, so it is not a ^light beacon^ like the new LCD, but as video quality and speed and absence of ^Ghosting^ is unbeatable at the time), I modify the ^Range^ @ 1.8 or 2.0.
So the night maps become visible without particular annoyances and night glasses become really necessary on a few occasions ... becoming more playable and much less annoying.
You could do some publicity about it.
Even the ^Midnight Sun^ of the ^Armored Fury^ was not so ^black^, probably because in AF the use of night glasses was not foreseen. Changing the Gamma makes the night maps of the SF almost the same.
If the ^habitual^ players of 2009 (BF2 experts) were not all aware of this and complained about the ^nuisance^, think of the ^new^ random ^players^... all ^lost in the dark^, I think
Maybe a warning at the entrance of the server, or in the sliding chat ^For night maps set the ^Range^ of video drivers @ 1.8 / 2.0^ and try to reset the cycle all night maps, maybe at the end.
I do not know what effect it could have with a new LCD monitor, though. Maybe 1.8 / 2.0 is a bit too much, you should try.
If it is not yet clear ... in the hope of being able to review all these night maps play ... I could do a short tutorial with screenshots of the setup windows and related changes to the game.
More than that, I do not know what to say.

Only a last clarification.
When I wrote that:
^If I can bear to play in some boring maps to wait to play in those favorites ... since now the players are few ... I do not see why others can not do the same.^
It did NOT want to be a criticism of you or the community ... but to players who leave the server if they can not play the map they like.
If everyone did that, they would play in a few.
I think you should leave all the maps, one after the other ... mixing well those most ^appreciated^ with those less (not to create groups of ^bother^ for anyone) ... and making note (maybe with writing in chat of the server), that what you like, may not like another ... if you want to have players on your favorite map you MUST agree to play the favorite one of someone else you do not like.
I see it that way.
I would gladly enter if I saw ALL the maps, I would end up playing those I do not like and then playing the ones I like best. If there are not those that I like, I will not even go there.
And I do not continue on the subject because I would risk offending someone.
I speak of the players who claim that everything and everyone is as they want (maps, rules, tactics, strategies, etc ...) I see too many in all the Battlefields.
But this is not the thread.

Regarding the rules.

I read them, but there is not only the limitation of claymore to the flag (try to favor the ^exchange of racing flags without fighting^?!?) ... You have a ^strange^ limitation of the ^base rape^.
Apart from being a game of war and not a ^Medieval Tournament^ there is also the base rape (even to me from bothering, but if you are closed in base means that the team is too poor ... avoid spawning and leaving finish the game already lost, rather it would be to implement a ^randomization^ of the players, because the game is still boring, even by winners). But blocking an entire area only on one side ... is discriminatory and generates ugly imbalances.
Either you boil on both sides or nothing is blocked.
And the problem of the assets of the commander aggravates even more the discrimination and the imbalance of the game.
If the SpecOps can destroy assets but NOT defend itself is grotesque! How many would be willing to commit suicide without even being able to defend themselves. So much it is forbidden to stop everything.
Even more serious is if this is NOT done with automatic script ... in this case the discrimination is even more annoying:
There will be the ^uncaring break rules^ that will destroy everything anyway (it always happened on the SUPER @ servers, where it was forbidden to use the C4 but was often used anyway ... and you go to call the admin ... that often if they rub or dry because they do not say they do not live to follow their servers ... and the ^honest^ who will take it in the ass without being able to answer.
Then, these situations also generate other forms of discrimination: who is taken and sanctioned and who is not.
This is the worst situation:
Rules not enforced or enforced ^by chance^.
In my opinion, the first feature of a ^serious^ server is when it enforces ALWAYS and ALL rules!
If there is not the possibility to do it (people, means, resources, ^desire^ sometimes, etc ...) it is better NOT to put any rule ... at least it is clear to everyone and anyone can defend as best he believes .
it is much more civil, democratic and above all sporting = all equal.

Obviously this is just my point of view and in any case a general speech of what I saw in my years of playing BF in all the servers.

I do not know how the speech will evolve on your SF server. Now it is the only one that still interests me. For the ^basic^ version I have already seen that what remains of this game no longer interests me.
I kept BF2 also installed for the mod FH (WW2), but despite the versions remains just beautiful to see but I do not know why (and I wrote in their forum years ago), the movements of tanks and vehicles are ridiculous and annoying. I always hoped the correct and playable version would arrive, but I have not seen it yet.
Now many years have passed, and I have also become accustomed to the destructible environment ... already after BF3, return to BF2 and find a tank blocked by a simple and stupid railing ... and not be able to kill anyone if he hid behind at a window ... it seemed really very stupid.
And from the ^arcade drift^ of the Battlefield saga, I would try to change with ArmA3 (which gives me some problems, though) ... I hope it's not all that ^run, jump and shoot ... and cry^ that became BF.
From what I saw and read in this forum, I think that soon I will make the ^definitive leap^ and uninstall BF2 and BF3 (now I only liked ^Scavenger^, but it does not play almost anyone anymore).
It is probably the end now ^obvious^ for the SF: rare players and all only on ^Ghost Town^ and ^Warlord^.
And this is not for me anymore.
For me BF2 was really a turning point (from various simulators to this FPS), and a real fun for many years and many ^long^ we (until the closure of Gamespy) ... but nothing in life ^is forever^... and now, obviously, it's just like a ^broken old toy^: many good memories but now basically useless.

I will follow you a while, even if I already imagine ^the direction^ of your SF server, and I wish you all many beautiful and satisfying matches.


Sorry for my bad english, but I must use Google.
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[LS] Rangers
22.01.2019, 17:07  Homepage

@Riddick_2K as I wrote you in my first PM, as unfortunate as it sounds we do not get many feedback on the Forum, regarding the Special Forces server. We do get feedback in-game though, via chat messages or by witnessing players disconnecting when certain maps load (for example, we noticed that Devils Perch would kill the server, when we used to run it a couple years ago).

What I mean is: the voices in this thread are from people that care about SF and that are usually good at it. These people usually like most of the maps or if not, they don't mind to play the night maps because they can handle it. The same is not true at all for the rest of the players who join the game server but don't use the Forum at all.

About the whole paragraph regarding video card drivers and telling that to the average BF2 player ...
read more read more

I will delve into the discussion regarding why you are not even trying to set foot in our server via PM, but ... you say you generally prefer no-rules servers and that you won't bother joining our SF server if we don't run all the maps. You say you can handle a bit of restrictions (regarding the rules) and that you would be willing to play the maps that you don't like, if you are then able to play Leviathan and Devils Perch in return. You say that you don't share the same mindset of the players that leave the server if the map isn't their favorite, but then you say "if there are not those that I like, I will not even go there" which is exactly what you despise? ...

Regarding your view of our rules instead, I don't want to start writing essays here as I am used to do, so I'll just reply here, where the discussion about rules belongs to. If you want to discuss further about our rules on the Special Forces server, please reply there.

"It is probably the end now "obvious" for the SF: rare players and all only on ^Ghost Town^ and ^Warlord^."
I have no words for this ... uhm ... have I already mentioned we run SIX maps and we are about to add Leviathan too? And that we have established a playerbase of regular players that now get the server running with their efforts alone, even during the week days?

I honestly had the impression that you registered to give feedback because you actually played on our SF server and saw the scrolling message about giving us some feedback here in the Forum, but apparently my assumption was incorrect and you never played on it, you never even tried to join it.

We managed to bring back Special Forces in one month, and now we play regularly and during the weekends we usually get 20 players. This Sunday we had 24 players (without counting bots), tonight (Tuesday!!) we were already 20 at 18:45 on Warlord!! (picture taken whilst still on Surge, 18 humans: Screenshot_20190122-183934.png).

"I will follow you a while, even if I already imagine "the direction" of your SF server, and I wish you all many beautiful and satisfying matches."
Well, you obviously missed it entirely as our direction for the future of the SF server is pointing towards server growth and being able to eventually run all maps somehow. If you can't figure that out by yourself, by reading just the last two pages (since you don't even bother to join the game) well ... I guess you are not fit to play on our server, are you?

Best regards,
Staff Officer Italy S_h_a_r_k_93
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[LS] Rangers
22.01.2019, 23:07 

our direction for the future of the SF server is pointing towards server growth and being able to eventually run all maps somehow

Exactly this is our long term goal. But it needs time to achieve, and first we have to increase our popularity even further and establish a solid playerbase, that we are actually able to run those maps without killing the server entirely. Things like this requires some time, but we have already managed to revive a nearly dead game in just a few weeks.

As Shark said, we have quite full servers now, not only on weekends, even during the week, like today with 18 human players on Surge (!!), a number you only could dream of a few weeks ago and I haven't even seen during the battlelog era with an even bigger playerbase.
Leviathan may be added very soon to our rotation, so that we are running a total of 7 different maps, including 3 of the 4 maps you stated as "most beautiful" in your initial post.

So all I can hope for is some patience and that you are willing to help us to achieve our goal. There are already lots of good matches and intense fights for the flags (even without clays in flag zone, believe it or not), we are hearing a lot of positive feedback regarding the servers. So please give it a try and check the server out.

Oh and let me add one more thing: i think our admins are doing a great job most of the time, we spend lots of our time to get servers started and populated, to respond to feedback or ban appeals, to check player reports, to observe players, to check our Demos to collect evidence for rulebreakers, to monitor our logs and so on... We do know very well what is happening on our servers, and I think nobody here gets a unfair treatment, everyone will be listened to and nobody will be banned without a valid reason. On the other hand we like to give players a second chance. Of course, everyone can have a bad day and mistakes can happen, we are only humans.

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17.02.2019, 15:46 

what about add levi and devils today or next weekend? the server runs good on weekends and maybe its good time to test them, see if and how many people will leave.
some asked me for those maps, some would like to play them.
see how it goes on the weekend if its no instant serverkill then keep them for the week and see what happens then?

proposed mapcycle:
ghost town
iron gator
ghost town
mass destruction
devils perch

or maybe switch mass destruction with levi or perch so there wont be 2 nightmaps in a row.
on the other hand, if the first night map kills server then it wont matter what comes after it.. idk.
other ideas?
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[LS] Rangers
17.02.2019, 22:32 

i would like to test the 32 map size version of Leviathan, I think 64 size could be a little bit too big if there are only few players.
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18.02.2019, 13:58 

levi didnt have the best start yesterday but i think we should try the 64 size a few more times.
im not sure if the 32 will help, maybe it will but then it will be like night flight. less flags, cars only and night.
different layout but basicly same vehicles like night flight.

about the commander, again...
it would be really nice if you could raise the player threshold. 6+1 per team to enable com is to low, imo.
the last days somebody went com as soon as the treshold was reached.
com makes teams even more unbalanced. even if 2 coms are active, if only one knows about manual spots then that team has huge advantage already.
good uav, arty and supply placement and other team has no chance. red dots make it easier for nadecamper on roofs too.
without uav/spots they have to move atleast some or chance is high that they wont see and kill much.
without uav they have to watch for enemys themself, means they can be spotted by enemys and can be killed.
with uav they can lay down in some corner and just wait for red dots to spam their nades.
com is like minimap hack for all, where is the fun if you always know where the enemy is and what he is doing?
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[LS] Rangers
18.02.2019, 18:35  Homepage

What do the others think? Keep in mind our player cap is set to 48 at the moment.

Staff Officer Italy S_h_a_r_k_93
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