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Leading Aircraftman
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Enlisted On: 22.12.2018

22.12.2018, 18:09 

Meanwhile, a greeting to the whole forum / clan
I registered to write in this post.
I played at BF2 since 2009 (DVD with all the expansions) and I played for years (with other nik, of course) and with my Niks / Accout I have more than 2200 hours of play, especially on ^Special Forces^, my preferred. Only on ^Warlord^ I have more than 800 hours (I spent entire weekends smiling )
But my favorite were the night maps, if I had found a server 24/7 I would have spent the weekend.
Now, after the mess with the ^private^ who have tried to keep the game, this is practically dead ... and I found myself at least decent alternatives. But I have always kept an eye on BF2, especially on the ^SF^.
Vanilla stewed me, except for some rare maps and I would not return except for ^Great Wall Infantry 24/7^ (there was a server once) also ^Songhua Stalemate^, or ^Operation Blue Pearl^ were cute ... or ^Zatar Wetlands^ e ^Operation Harvest^, also ... but I rarely see them, and I get tired of the usual 4 maps, played to the point of nausea that I do not like very much just to hope to play a nice map.
SF, though ... is another matter
And now I get to the point.
Why did you remove the 2 most beautiful maps?
^Devil's Perch^ is my favorite, I would have played it continuously. And ^Leviathan^ is a great map.
Personally, if I had to make a ranking, it would be as follows.
1st (the most beautiful)
^Devil's Perch^
^Night Flight^
^Warlord^ (above all infantry)
2nd (good)
^Ghost Town^ (even if it gave me a little stew)
^Iron Gator^ (even if difficult because unbalanced)
3rd (boring)
^Mass Destruction^
I would like to return to play these maps, but I would like to see them all ... not just some ... much less if my favorites are missing.
And in any case, only and exclusively those complete (64 players), even if not necessarily with 64 seats to occupy. But the ^reduced^ maps do not even take them into consideration, I do not even lose time to enter.
And, generally, I'm always just looking for ^No Rules^ servers... I would like to play ALL this game, with no restrictions on weapons, tactics and strategies ... which, generally, are just the whim of players who are not looking for a real war game, but a sort of ^Medieval Joust^ or ^Circus of Gunslingers^, something that Battlefield should NOT be ... but on this, if I'm not exaggerated, I can sustain some limitations.
For the rest (maps e size) I do not even lose time to enter.
Obviously this is just MY point of view ... the server is yours and the choices are yours, but since this thread is talking about ... hoping at least in a recovery of all the maps, I wanted to express the my point of view.
Otherwise, it's time, it's the real time I uninstall BF2 and I forget it.
Too bad ... I saw your server populated and I looked for the clan / forum ... and I was very sorry to read that I'm not rotating the maps that I prefer the most.

If I can bear to play in some boring maps to wait to play in those favorites ... since now the players are few ... I do not see why others can not do the same.


Riddick_2K (ex ^ColGBM^ e ^The_Partizan^ amused)

Sorry for my bad english, but I must use Google

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Enlisted On: 31.01.2016

[LS] Rangers
23.12.2018, 09:05  Homepage

Hello Riddick,

thank you very, very much for enlisting to write this feedback post! We really appreciate your observations and, boy, I always welcome a fellow countrymen (Italy) in our Community! wink (by the way, we are a community, not a clan; there's a difference)

So, where do we start from here ... if you go back some pages, you will realize that over the years we have changed the rotation quite a bit, based on the users' feedback. Your two favorites were originally part of our full rotation, but we had to remove them because as much as there are Devils / Leviathan lovers, there are many haters too ... too many, in fact.

We had to balance it out: people would leave when these map were being loaded, and the server would get "killed" (emptied). We have map-vote enabled, but players simply left upon loading the map or shy of some minutes after being spawned.

I like those maps too and accept their challenges, and so do you and some of our Members, but for the most part of our - small - SF playerbase, I am sorry to say that these two maps are generally "frowned upon". unhappy (we do have Night Flight in the current rotation though, and we plan to keep it. Out of the three night maps, this felt as the most suitable one to leave in the rotation)

Right now I am personally taking care of our Special Forces server and making it the one and only server where there's actually a great chance to have a fun time during the evenings (EU). We are getting a nice group pf regular players to join and our current record stands at 14 active human players in the same match! Please refer to the Discord invitation link in my Forum signature below my post, as we use it to rally ourselves on the server at the same time and build up a nice match / have fun together.

For the reasons above I humbly beg you to stick with us - Lost-Soldiers - who knows if these two maps of yours may make a comeback in the future!! wink (if there's support to your demand from the rest of our Community)

Small digression about the Infantry and Vehicle Rotation Servers.
read more Read more

Regarding your feedback about the rules, well, the only non-written rule which I am working onto right now is simply a limitation of the claymores in the flag radius (just for the Special Forces server). All the rest of the weapons are allowed, and our rules for the SF server - which you can read in each board - are pretty much no baserape and no fighting commander (not a problem usually because we have a commander-limiter script in place, to unlock commander only with 24 players or more). So I don't understand your statements about a no-rules server. wink

Finally, regarding your last statement: "If I can bear to play in some boring maps to wait to play in those favorites ... since now the players are few ... I do not see why others can not do the same." Well, especially because of that, and because it is so hard to get new people on Special Forces and because I am working hard to get the server back on track, we cannot risk to waste these efforts of mine by giving in on the request of only one user. This is when the Community should kick in and back up or counter your statements (this is the point of this thread), so expect a couple of replies in the next week. smile

Once again thank you very much for writing your post (let's keep them shorter though because not everybody likes to read all this stuff that I wrote smile) and I invite you to join our Discord (link in signature) to get notified of when we have a Special Forces match going on. wink Kind regards,

Staff Officer Italy S_h_a_r_k_93 

P.S. By the way ... The_Partizan ... Battlefield Play4Free Veteran? smile
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Given By: SW03_Carbon
Senior Aircraftman (Technician)
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Enlisted On: 10.06.2017

25.12.2018, 16:57 

i would play all maps. maybe add a poll for favorite maps?
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Enlisted On: 31.01.2016

[LS] Rangers
26.12.2018, 01:07  Homepage

As I said I would play the missing maps too, but for the moment I don't think it's yet the time for Leviathan or Devils Perch to be added to the rotation. We can have a poll in the future, yes; just like we did for the Infantry Rotation Server.

About that, I hereby inform you that after having played quite some matches in the Special Forces Server, I noticed that Night Flight's position in the current rotation wasn't helping at all ... as I said that's the only night map we are currently running, but after spending many days on the server it felt to me as it was still kind of a server killer.

Therefore we are now testing this new rotation, please give it some time to be learnt and played! In the mean time, you can give me feedback about how the (now old) rotation was ... if you felt some changes were needed, or if you agree about Night Flight's repositioning (because you noticed an abnormal number of disconnects when that map was loaded, in the middle of the old rotation).

OLD ROTATION:NEW ROTATION:                          
 • Warlord • Warlord                          
 • Ghost Town • Ghost Town                          
 • Night Flight • Iron Gator                          
 • Iron Gator • Surge                          
 • Mass Destruction • Warlord                          
 • Surge • Ghost Town                          
              • Mass Destruction                          
              • Night Flight                          

In any way, thank you very much for supporting the server in these past weeks and for sticking in!
We love you guys. smiling

Staff Officer Italy S_h_a_r_k_93
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Enlisted On: 12.10.2016

[LS] Rangers
26.12.2018, 09:28 

I really enjoy the SF server, but I think we should give at least Leviathan a try. I like the map more than night flight, and it would create some more diversion. Moreover I would like to see Iron Gator a second time in rotation, since that map is definitely the second best after Warlord. So I suggest a new rotation:

Ghost town
Iron Gator
Night Flight
Ghost town
Iron Gator
Mass destruction
Given By: S_h_a_r_k_93
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Enlisted On: 06.12.2018

[LS] Rangers
26.12.2018, 16:18 

More maps more fun. I have no idea what the maps are called, but a couple of fresh maps in the rotation could be interesting.
Senior Aircraftman (Technician)
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Enlisted On: 10.06.2017

26.12.2018, 16:32 

Leviathan and Devils Perch are missing right now.
many people disconnected in the past when they came up.
is it possible to enable them manualy on the server? set them as next map if they are not in active rotation?

i would say iron gator was/is 3rd most popular map in sf. the last server were ghost/warlord only.
iron can be a killer too if mecs cant get off the island but that didnt happen in the past on LS.
add it a 2nd time, i wouldnt mind.
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Enlisted On: 31.01.2016

[LS] Rangers
26.12.2018, 17:38  Homepage

@SW03_Carbon I will store your suggestion safely. As previously stated, let's try and build a constant playerbase first; it's been less than a month since we started looking deeply into the Special Forces server and paying close attention to it.

In these weeks we have tested the old rotation deeply and came out with a new one, which we shall test for some weeks again too. After that, in the new year, we may do a poll about favorite maps or about inserting the missing maps in the rotation, and decide what to do based on the result and general state of the xpack mod / server.

@Imperial_Toaster as dsghsdf says, unfortunately the missing maps are night maps and they are not enjoyed by everyone. New players frown upon them very much, apparently. It is already a bit difficult to retain new players on Night Flight, mainly because they are totally unaware about number '7' being the key binded to night vision goggles!

We try to help the people that stay in the server, by telling it to them, and usually the result is good and they stay.

@dsghsdf No unfortunately what you suggest is not possible with Battlefield 2 (or rather, with BF2CC), as far as I know. An admin would be needed to be constantly in-game to monitor the situation and skip those maps if it's not a good time to play them. About setting them as 'next map' no, you can only set maps that are in the current rotation, or change to a map that is in the current rotation.

Noted on the Iron Gator feedback, thanks. We'll see if it is possible to add it sooner than the other maps we are discussing it. If anybody wishes to give further feedback regarding Iron Gator, you are welcome. Mainly we are trying to discuss Leviathan and Devils Perch right now.

Kind regards,
Staff Officer Italy S_h_a_r_k_93
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Enlisted On: 25.03.2016

[LS] Rangers
12.01.2019, 10:12 

Leviathan is the worst SF map, most ppl dont like it.

Surge is my fav map btw.
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Enlisted On: 31.01.2016

[LS] Rangers
12.01.2019, 13:13  Homepage

Rico946 wrote
Lets Remove Devils Perch and Leviathan.

We are discussing exactly that! (adding the 2 missing night maps).

Also, somebody asked me on Discord if we could lower the match time from 60 minutes to something like 45-50 minutes. What do you think?

Staff Officer Italy S_h_a_r_k_93
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