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18.07.2017, 15:26 

ok, thanks.

about the commander execution limitation.
i heard you have contact with t-gamers tema567?
and he could be willing to share the script.
could you ask him, i dont know him.
i think i also found a script that kicks commanders, i like it but probably a bit harsh tongue

as you said, commander makes teams (more) uneven and imo its just lame to use it with just few players on rather small map.
i realize its part of bf2 and it can be fun and exciting to have 2 teams fighting with commanders but thats rare in sf, lack of players.
most of the times its just teamstacking and noob hunting/spawncamping or they (try) to ues it for themself only.
no commander boosts teamplay over time.

imo, it was one of the reasons why sf got only 30 players max in the beginning of BL.
lots of different people joined sf, full 64 server could have been possible but most didnt stay long because of teamstacking and getting camped by commander+friends in mainbase.
the playercount dropped, gameplay became "normal", new people joined and it startet again.

without commander,noobs have better chance to sneak past better players to get a flag, suprise attacks etc
the problem i see with no-commander is that if all flags are taken, the last guy alive could just hide forever, others cant find him, get bored, leave server.


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[LS] Rangers
17.07.2017, 20:59  Homepage

Map rotation edited as per Netherlands Rico946 request.
I guess we will see how it goes; if there's demand for it we'll reintegrate them.

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Given By: dsghsdf
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17.07.2017, 00:39 

yea i tried to find another solution but maybe remove them, for now.
the nightmaps are sf special but there is still Night Flight..
thanks for 4player vote.
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[LS] Rangers
16.07.2017, 21:38  Homepage

Rico946 wrote:

Lets Remove Devils Perch and Leviathan.

Alltogether? Laugh ahah I don't have any problem with them.
dsghsdf let me know; shall we try to remove them from the rotation?

Staff Officer Italy S_h_a_r_k_93 

EDIT: If we're going to eliminate them then I don't know if it's even worth altering the scrolling messages. :'D
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[LS] Rangers
16.07.2017, 21:02 

Lets Remove Devils Perch and Leviathan.
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[LS] Rangers
16.07.2017, 19:10  Homepage

thanks sharky, next kill is free for you amused

Ahah. Well okay that I misunderstood what the minimum players required was about; I am putting it back to 4.

Based on your suggestion I will also alter the server messages to let people know that they can start a map vote with only 4 people; hopefully more and more will learn about it and when a killer map starts - if people don't really want to play it at all - they'll be able to skip it. How does that sound?

This is the current map rotation; can't think of many changes I'd make myself.

- Devils Perch
- Ghost Town
- Iron Gator
- Leviathan
- Mass Destruction
- Night Flight
- Surge
- Warlord

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16.07.2017, 02:05 

its a pity, usefull setting gone. it helped to get servers going with good/smaller maps in the beginning and big maps later.
or setup chronologic cycle from 39-45 in a ww2 mod.
and yes my sf mapcycle doesnt make much sense without it.

without idlemap i would say make sure 3 maps run bewteen them but try to keep warlord and ghosttown together.
or keep Levi and Perch together?
if server is dead its dead. if people want to play those maps they can join and play.
if they want to vote they can skip both and keep going for another 6 maps.
i dont know.. maybe depends on vote setting.

it means that you need to collect 4 YES for a poll to be successful

no, you need 4 players on server to start a kick or mapvote and 4 players in team to start mutiny. maybe 4+1commander, not sure.
the ammount of players needed to make votes succesfull is some other setting, looks like 60 or 70% ingame, ok imo.

there are many votes but i dont think its abuse/ just for fun votes.
often mapvotes just fail with just 1 or 2 votes missing, then 2 people disconnect and the other 5 cant skip Perch because votes disabled, server dead with 5 potential players.
and its rare that somebody gets kickvoted off the server for fun.
some try but fail, if they get annoying they get kickvoted themself, with success.

with setting 2 the players would have abit of control over the server.
2 guys can vote the map they want to play on, idle on better map, or practice something
or kickvote the 3rd guy wallhacker
or mutiny the spamcommander in a 3 vs 2 no-rank noobs

ways to restrict the commander....I may think about it

now that would be a dream! i will see what i can do.

commander is the worst in bf2, its like minimaphack for all, wtf
red dot hunting.. kids dont play hide and seek anymore?
back in the day one guy had to spot the enemy with binoculars and another aim artygun, and no points for the spotter!!
and not just some click and $$$ on minimap /rant

thanks sharky, next kill is free for you amused
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[LS] Rangers
15.07.2017, 22:41  Homepage

""Minimum Players for Voting" works with 4 players now, thx.
But how does it work? I mean, it means that you need to collect 4 YES for a poll to be successful?
Only 4, no matter how many people are in the server? I thought it was related to how many players were playing. In fact I don't want the polls to be abused ... that's why I brought it up to 6 now. How does it work?

Yeah it appears that your statement about the idle map is not so true after all. We use the last version available for BF2CC and there is no option or flag to set a map as 'idlemap'. Yesterday we finished playing on Devils Perch, right? This late morning the map was Ghost Town, the next in the rotation. Then in the early afternoon the map was Iron Gator (the next after Ghost Town) and the match was in idle mode too. Now the map is the next one again, Leviathan, and I bet if you join it's in idle mode (id est pre-game) again.

But anyways I am keen on making changes on the rotation given your thoughts about the map; I'd like more folks to discuss about the map rotation. Unfortunately some LS Members that fancy Special Forces are busy with their IRL duties so they can't participate to this discussion. I am also interested in the commander discussion ... when there's few players, a good commander can really make the match different and make it hell for the enemy team (if it's a smart commander).

For example the last night when we were playing, we were on Mass Destruction and we had a commander, your team didn't. This meant we had a huge advantage. I tried to search for ways to restrict the commander usage under a certain threshold of players but I couln't find it within our configurations nor on google. So if you know or are able to get how T-Gamer is enforcing this limitation let me know; I may think about it.

Finally with your map cycle you're stacking all the medium/unpopular maps at the end. So doesn't this mean the server will get killed anyways when Devils Perch starts?

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15.07.2017, 15:00 

let me know if there are episodes where '4' should have been better

yesterday night, devils perch.
imagine 1 (more) player using commander and teams not fighting flag by flag, thats what usually happens.

you use bf2cc, right? wich version?
i did some research and the only thing about bf2 idlemaps i found was some site thats only accessible through webarchives to me.
Feature Requests - Auto-Admin Features -
When the server is idle for a set time (time to set by server admin) switch to the map flagged "idle-map"

guess it didnt get implemented!?
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14.07.2017, 23:57 

yes you are right and no im not sure about it. i know that settings from bf42 and thought i have seen it on bf2 servers.
now it works like you are saying, with idlemap the server would change to that map. start mapcycle again, with unpopular maps at the end.
i would be suprised if that setting is gone but then again its bf2...

"set the number required to start game to 1"
yes you are right again. but the 1 player could take flags, spawn vehicles. keeps him occupied and on the server.
its just another setting/idea


"Minimum Players for Voting"
4 or even 2 would be better. 2 would help with commanders and mutiny..
to many damn commanders when there are only handull of players....
t-gamer has commanders disabled if playernumber is below 20 or something tongue

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