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[LS] Rangers
12.12.2020, 12:14  Homepage

Welcome to our yearly Christmas Event!
This year we will play Arctic Warfare Mod (credits to Dementium4ever)
Event Sunday 20th of December starting 20:00 CET

We invite you to our yearly Christmas Event where we play winter-themed custom maps and have lots of fun because this is a genuine new experience on Battlefield 2, most of you have never playe these maps before so it'll be like discovering the game you love for the first time again.

Streamers/Content creators welcome: feel free to use any of our Twitch Panels to your liking and remember that if you are a Bronze Donator you'll be able to stream the event in our Discord Server using Discord Go Live.


You have to download the mod from our own Downloads page - specifically from the "mirrors" at the bottom of the download page - because it contains the extra custom maps:
Download Notice: use one of the mirrors at the bottom of the page ^ for faster download speed

P.S. If you have suggestions for new events or if you would like us to host new mods, make sure to submit your feedback in our Community Discussion topic by Germany Galactic|Pegasus !!!
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18.12.2020, 23:29 

Heyhey, Dementium4ever here!

I'm really excited to play the mod with you, I've actually never played my own mod with so many people!

See you tomorrow!

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[LS] Rangers
28.12.2020, 17:47  Homepage

Thank you very much to Gmodism and to Rotblut for streaming the whole thing! We hope everyone had fun during this yearly event and will make a note to join us next year for more Arctic Warfare as well as for the rest of the BF2 events we arrange during the year.

Special thanks to Dementium4ever, the mod creator, for putthing this mod together and actually for listing some winter maps in the mod's forum 7 years ago, I wouldn't have found some of those extra maps otherwise!! (actually it was Turkish007 who created the topic, but still

This is the highlights video by Dominiko, he even put Christmas music playing in the background, that guy is such the perfectionist (and I love it

Personal highlights in video above:
  • - shame on u [34:00]
  • - ur too stronk [37:02]
  • - epic evac [37:40]
  • - hapy shark pup [42:30]
  • - destructible fence [47:43] (@Dementium4ever wow I didn't know until now! I had only noticed glass)
Then we have a video by unLeashed_FPS who I managed to drag into the event but he admits having fun:
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[LS] Rangers
31.12.2020, 17:57  Homepage

Prospekt Mir has released his highlights video as well, give it a watch and a thumbs up!

Personal highlights in video above:
  • - feel the pain [12:00]
  • - this one looks like debries from an exploding car hit Prospekt in tha face and it's just, hilarious [23:16]
  • - dat nade (thrown by none other than Italy S_h_a_r_k_93 [24:30]
  • - *mission impossible tune plays* [40:20]
  • - that's a score! [41:52]
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