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[LS] Rangers
31.05.2020, 09:36  Homepage

It is precisely because of that big fat red IF, that I don't like the idea.
If somebody will back you up, I will be more inclined to try it out.

We could swap Op. Clean Sweep with Taraba Quarry. I am not fond of R1.
It needs to get better, at the same level of R2, but that's hard, without repeating maps.

To that extent, Mashtuur City will be upped to 64 size, to allow MEC to counter Black Hawk by using IGLA and getting a chance to stand and defend the last flag. Thank you for playing on our server,
Staff Officer Italy S_h_a_r_k_93
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[LS] Rangers
22.10.2020, 22:44  Homepage

Following up on Germany Roxxy 's suggestion, we are going to run this new rotation for the upcoming weeks and see if it is any better. I am not entirely sure that the population has understood we have an alternating rotation, and I am even less sure if it ended up being a positive note or a negative one.

New Rotation Draft:
1. Dalian Plant      (64)
2. Road to Jalalabad (64)
3. Op. Smoke Screen  (64)
4. Op. Clean Sweep   (64)
5. Daqing Oilfields  (32)
6. Op. Harvest       (32)
7. Op. Road Rage     (64)
8. Sharqi Peninsula  (32)
9. Midnight Sun      (32)

I believe it would have been positive if the server was crowded consistently, so that each day you'd have a different rotation, perhaps concentrate on the days where your favorite rotation is hosted I don't know ... it kinda failed.

Let us know how you like this new rotation, if you have any concerns about the maps/sizes or if you'd like to make changes, additions, give me cans of tuna, whatever ... you know your way around these parts. Regards,
Staff Officer Italy S_h_a_r_k_93
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Given By: Roxxy, Rotblut
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30.11.2020, 15:51 

Hello! I am new here and I like this rotation. If you could toss in a few EU maps on the next rotation change - that would be appreciated! Not trying to throw a wrench into a seemingly long process of server rotation changes, but I would participate!
Given By: Rotblut
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[LS] Rangers
01.12.2020, 14:54  Homepage

My 2 cents? Great Wall and Smoke Screen will fit in just perfectly.
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