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[LS] Rangers
29.01.2018, 16:42 

Hi all,

I hope you are well!

Apologies for the lateness here, i had intended to announce our new Lost-Soldiers Stats System on the actual day (23/01) and was going to try and do a bit more to celebrate but as it happened, finishing off the main development on our Stats System / Leaderboard took much longer than expected. In any case, i hope you will enjoy the new features and the revival of our BF2 Stats & Leaderboard! It's not totally finished, it still requires deeper integration with the Website which i will start to work on soon. However, the core of it is online & functional. (Do let me know if you notice any bugs or issues)

The old StatsDB will be brought back online in an Archive-Fashion. Unfortunately, due to technical issues, it won't be possible to combine the old with the new - so we must all say congratulations to Germany SW03_Carbon for finishing 1st in our 'Battlelog-Era' Stats & dominating the Leaderboard with his regular & excellent all round play - well done mate! smile

We've come a long way as a Community from where we started, Year 1 was mainly spent getting the Website and Servers to a decent standard and finding a few good Members, we started to customise and develop our own features for the Servers and continued this in to Year 2. In the Summer of Year 2 though, most of you know what happened when the little shit from the now defunct Battlelog deranked us for no reason whatsoever (other than: 'he felt like it'), it was a tough period that really hit the population & activity of our BF2 Servers. Despite this, we soldiered on and many of our Members went to great lengths to keep some of our BF2 Servers going (mainly Wake & SF) - well done on this, it's actually impressive that we still had some decent rounds going on the Unranked Servers for a good few months.

A little later on in Year 2, Battlelog (the staff, not the players) got what they deserved for a long period of profiteering from a game they didn't create. So we didn't hesitate to jump aboard BF2HUB. Unfortunately, lots of stuff ceased to work following the transition, the main 2 were our Lost-Soldiers Stats & Demo Uploading. Towards the end of the year we started to suffer from no-lifers using little scripts they didn't even write themselves to crash our BF2 Servers and try to drive our players elsewhere - we managed to patch and resolve this though with the help of a great friend to our Community, so the kids can go home to their parents!

It's fair to say that Year 2 has been a real bitch, but that's life, we pulled together, worked hard and have successfully navigated our ship through the choppy waters. I've managed to fix the Demo Uploading & Lost-Soldiers Stats, the crashes have been prevented, Italy S_h_a_r_k_93 has been doing great work on various things such as the Log-Searching Tools he developed for us and most importantly - players are returning to our Servers. Not to forget that we have found some great new Members (you know who you are) in Year 2 as well!

Well done and thank-you to all of you who have helped us, continue to help us, support us or contribute in the many different ways that have led to making this Community great. You all do an excellent job. I believe without doubt that this new year can only be an improvement on the last one! Although, it won't take much to beat it! Laugh In all seriousness though, we are looking for some stability now and less time spent fixing problems, more time spent having fun playing and developing new features for our Members (for which we have a tonne of ideas and inspiration)!

Happy (belated) Birthday Lost-Soldiers!
Cheers to all of you who are here together with us on this journey.


P.S. We'll try to make up for the lack of celebration in January with some fun stuff in February!
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[LS] Rangers
29.01.2018, 18:35 

Thx to all regular players and the LS-Staff! You are doing a great job! smiling
Given By: StarLine, cataly63
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29.01.2018, 19:19 

Thanks to Starline and Shark for the great and hard work and thanks to all loyal Members

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[LS] Rangers
29.01.2018, 19:45 

Yes, always working the background as well, THANKS.
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[LS] Rangers
29.01.2018, 19:49 

Good work! Free pizza to everyone!
Given By: StarLine, cataly63
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[LS] Rangers
30.01.2018, 07:11 

Wish long life to our pleasant community!
and thank you to all those who invest in server management, time consuming.

Congratulations and Friendships to all ! smile

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Given By: StarLine
Chief Technician
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01.02.2018, 10:53 

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