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Leading Aircraftwoman
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17.11.2019, 18:24 

My Goooosh !!!! True Love ? Interesting... I did not know about it. smiling)))
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[LS] Rangers
18.11.2019, 14:44  Homepage

poloska wrote:

My Goooosh !!!! True Love ? Interesting... I did not know about it. smiling)))

Yes! With us you can learn and fall in love at the same time. Laugh ahah

I suggest that you look into Official Membership Nora,
you would learn a lot from staying close to our Members. wink

Kind regards,
Staff Officer Italy S_h_a_r_k_93
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[LS] Rangers
09.12.2019, 13:37 

SW03_Carbon wrote:

a true failed bf2 lovestory. Thank you Zerkarius for providing this video.

"This video contains original footage of my long-awaited date with my dream girl poloska. I already admitted my true love to her and proposed marriage.
To be honest, the date could have been better. I really don't know what I have done wrong, but somehow she accused me of cheating her. But I can assure you, I would never do such things to the only true love of my life. She got really mad and called for bouncer Germany Dillmann to bounce me out of the club. But since I know him well and I'm a faithful patron, I was allowed to stay. All this fuss finally ended in her leaving the club very upset.

I assume she couldn't offer me her TRUE feelings due to her father Porter[Hun] accompanying her. I'm sure, deep in her heart she knows that we belong together.

Lets hope I'm more lucky the next time I meet her.

#bf2lovestory #makeLOVEnotWAR #girl-on-her-period "

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[LS] Rangers
29.12.2019, 23:15 

The appropriate punishment for statspadders tongue

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[LS] Rangers
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What if you do all right but oversee one single Enemy? It work out good in the end. wink

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