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Hey all,

I'm looking to run a "fill the server" Point of Existence event for Battlefield Vietnam V1.21 this coming weekend! It will be hosted on my server https://www.gametracke...nfo/ (Address: Port: 15567).

I am looking to host it Saturday 4th March at 20:30 Pacific Time (Sunday 5th March 4:30 UTC / Sunday 5th March 14:30 Australian Eastern Standard Time).

I am expecting it to run for roughly 3-4 hours, so don't worry if you aren't able to be there in the first hour! During this time I will have solely PoE maps in the server map pool. I may even have PoE-only on the server for a little longer before and after the event.

I may also look at running this on future Sundays OR run similar events for BFV:World War 2 Extended, Eve of Destruction and BFV:Arsenal going forward as well! I currently run maps for these mods as well as for vanilla/base Battlefield Vietnam, with mod installation links provided on the server's gametracker page.

If you need to install the mod, you just require the base Battlefield Vietnam, as well as the following:

I will be running server-side modifications to the maps for extra vehicles on the existing air vehicle maps. Otherwise it will be PoE straight out of the box with no extra installs or changes required.

Hope to see you on the battlefield, soldier!
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01.03.2023, 10:40  Homepage

Nice, did you try to involve Hello Clan about it? Although careful on the wording, since it's basically all your own doing; you're not a Clan but an individual (right?) so there shouldn't be a problem to play together if there are no conflicting dates with other events you know?

Uhm, for the timing though, well, you can understand Europeans won't likely wake up any time soon 5:30 AM to play - I'm definitely not an early bird, ahah. One time I recall though, we hosted a BFP2 event and a YouTuber wake up at 7AM on a Sunday to be there at peak time (he lives in Washington state so pretty far away).

To be honest the event was in our afternoon so, like you said, it would've ran for hours and hours and hours... but for some reason he decided to be there from the first hour so he set the alarm clock and taped it from the beginning, ahah - well fun side story. Good luck!

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