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Leading Aircraftman
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Enlisted On: 25.08.2020

17.02.2023, 17:51 

Server: Dragon Valley
Offence: Forced Teamkilling
Date: 12-02-2023
Player: Hmody

This guy deliberately crashed his car into friendly J10 and a helicopter several times
(Auto resize: 1080x1920px, jpeg)
(Auto resize: 1080x1920px, jpeg)
Given By: S_h_a_r_k_93
Senior Aircraftman (Technician)
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Enlisted On: 04.02.2019

18.02.2023, 16:14 

i can confirm that. especially on the carrier, he only does stupid things.
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[LS] Rangers
28.03.2023, 15:27  Homepage

Hello, thank you both for the report. The player has almost got 50 hours of gameplay on our servers.
I recall that he used to play Special Forces with us. I've seen another episode in the logs, where it
seems like - I guess - he gets bored and start to teamkill everyone.

Let us know if it happens again, he's not playing since a month (on our servers at least).
Regards, Staff Officer Italy S_h_a_r_k_93
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