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Enlisted On: 04.02.2019

[LS] Rangers
20.07.2022, 16:33 

Wake Island
20.07.22, 17.25 pm

Player spammed Screen with chat (Rotblut) kicked him 19.07.22), blame other players and (screenshot) disrespect admin.
Next ihes on our Server s a Temp Ban (1 Week).

Given By: Rotblut
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Enlisted On: 04.06.2020

[LS] Rangers
20.07.2022, 17:22  Homepage

More interresting for me was, after i kicked him today for Redlining, a new Player appeared named ppiirraatt and he had immediatly some points. I try to look at BF2Hub for his stats but surprise, this player does not exist!
We talked about the Alphainjector tool (BF2 Alpha Tools 1.5) already, so i think he is using it, just changed his playername and came back.
Since this is also a tool for aimbotting, wallhacking and some more i suggest to keep an eye on this boy and at least temp ban him on the fly.
I also made a spectator video of him but must say i didn't see anything suspicious, but tbh i didn't see all of it.
Also here a screenshot of BF2CC of ppiirraatt
(Auto resize: 1168x1600px, jpeg)
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