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[LS] Rangers
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Attention Soldiers!

Well it’s been quite a while since we’ve had promotions so these are definitely overdue!

This recurring quote has become a staple of these promotion topics, but I guess other than having to do in part with our busy lives it also signifies that in our Community we value loyalty and respect above all, and to show those qualities it takes a lot of time and sacrifice. But in the end you're able to reap the rewards of your good work, and that's what all of our promotion topics symbolize.. preveserved like in stone: the efforts, the dedication, the fellowship.

Congratulations Germany Dix9 - hereby promoted from Ranger to Officer!

I haven't had the opportunity to deploy on the battlefield with fellow Member Dix9 very often, because I rarely play myself, but from what I am told this man is relentless and can be often seen starting the servers from zero (and that's really appreciated and important nowadays). What I also noticed is that he takes things to heart and is not afraid to speak out or ask questions when needed. If he needs help, he's sure to tell you; if he thinks something is wrong, he's also going to report it. But most importantly, the man rides motorcycles and just like in motorcycle gangs he's loyal and committed: job well done, you deserve more leg room now, use it well. wink

England StarLine wrote: Congratulations on becoming an Officer! It's clear that you have the Community's best interests at heart so I have full faith you will put your new responsibilities and privileges to good use.

Norway Mariebauge wrote: Friendly guy, didn't play much with him but I enjoy killing him on his tower on Refinery Laugh Good member to have around, I see him frequently trying to fill our servers OK Congratulations!

Saudi Arabia %CIB%KissMyGun wrote: Well done Dix, you have earned it! Congratulations and enjoy your promotion.

Congratulations Germany Rotblut - hereby promoted from Ranger to Officer!

From requesting animated avatars to participating in virtually every event or side game we've had in Lost-Soldiers, Rotblut has been a constant in our Community since the moment he joined (except for those 3 weeks when he goes AWOL tongue), always lending a hand where he can and being welcoming towards anybody he meets. Like he says, he gives everyone at least one chance, and oh boy we surely hit the jackpot when you decided to join us for Membership. For all your hard work and fond memories, and for sticking around for so long, we promote you to the next level. Although this promotion doesn't increase your monthly allowance, we'd like to think that it does, at least morally.

England StarLine wrote: Congratulations on a very well deserved promotion. Thank-you for all your efforts, your loyalty and the positive spirit you bring to the Community. Keep up the great work!

Norway Mariebauge wrote: Also a friendly guy. I don't know him too well, but I have only heard positive things about him and never saw anyone complain about him as an admin OK Congratulations!

Saudi Arabia %CIB%KissMyGun wrote: Congratulations Rotblut, you have earned it as well! Looking forward to know you more, enjoy your promotion.


Please join us in congratulating these Members for their promotions in
recognition of exceptional service to the Lost-Soldiers BF2 Community!
  All my contacts, social media and more!
Given By: Rotblut, Dillmann
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[LS] Rangers
10.07.2022, 08:53 

Congratulations to both of you!
Given By: Rotblut
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