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10.12.2021, 16:50 

Hi all,

i maybe wrong, but you cant fly a heli and fire the TV missile accurately?

I have been looking about, and found AHK hacks and overlay hacks all over the web
there was a user (I did report) that was in a heli taking out jets, people & armor with tv missile on Dalian and Oman

and when I hid completely still, he always got me, from the other side of the Dalian map!

Is it possible to fly a heli and fire the TV missile? or am i just so old i cant do it tongue

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[LS] Rangers
10.12.2021, 21:37 

yes you can fire the missile when you are alone by switching seats. takes a little practice, and you have to be fast because the heli will turn away. if you need help let us know. we have a 2v2 unranked server where you can practice the whole thing. and welcome to our forum.

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