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08.01.2021, 11:49 

Hey all!

I'm gonna be streaming the process of me re-learning to play this game; there's not much on the channel as I really only use it to clip stuff to chuck into a group chat with some mates, but check it out and follow if you like!
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[LS] Rangers
08.01.2021, 16:15  Homepage

Hey ThisIsOhan, thank you for letting us know! Feel free to send a promotional message for your channel (describing what you do with it, in case you stream a particular game often, or just promoting the fact you're going to pop online for some cheecky bf2 streams in the upcoming weeks) in our #promote Discord channel.

And when you do stream BF2 you can put your stream link in the #streams channel! Also, if you'd like to support the Lost-Sodiers BF2 Community consider getting hold of our Twitch Panels to put in your channel! We have plenty of neat panels that you can use, even for your own things like youtube/facebook/reddit, and to promote either our Community Discord or our Events coverage, or both.

You can download the Twitch Partnership Templates (includes OBS Overlay for BF2 game interface) and let me know in this topic if you enjoy them or not, or if you have any feedback about it.

Kind regards!
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Leading Aircraftman
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11.01.2021, 19:11 

Awesome! I'll be sure to check them out and leave a link next time I'm streaming!
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