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12.12.2021, 18:20 

As a last resort, to those who can't add custom resolutions and need an external monitor, which they don't have.
It may need an older video driver, that supported custom resolutions, or you may need to use Custom Resolution Utility.

You can read more here

A link for it is in the post Shark provided, but I wanted to point it out, that it can be a solution too
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01.01.2022, 19:08 

@PvtStandOn i was honestly going to give up Because my screen at the lowest it can go was 1024x768, but when i used the program that you linked, i set it to 800x600 at 60hz, restarted it and it works very nicely, thank you.
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02.01.2022, 03:17 

Thanks to everyone on this forum i have now made a video of how to fix it:
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