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The story so far:-
my new pc was not finding my 3x 3.5 hdd's from my old pc, i thought it was a setup problem in the UEFI bios.
There are a SHITLOAD of options to tryout and change.
one of the options turns on and off the optane memory side of the intel M.2 SSD and reverts all drives to AHCI.
so i did that.
And totaly, irreparably fucked the intel M.2 SSD.
Phoned up intel support and they said "those are not for sale individualy, only for complete PC's, you shouldn't have one"
and were not really helpfull.
So i said it wasn't working properly and sent it back to the retailer, now i have windows and thus BF2 on a Samsung 970 evo M.2, 3500 read speed.
Works a treat.
I got hung up on Far Cry new dawn (bloody good) for a long time and just got round to re-installing BF2 this week and as yet have had no problems.
So i would postulate that the "too fast to load new maps" problem lies elsewhere.

My new Thermaltake power supply must have had a power surge because all 3 of the boards on my HDD's have been burned out, thats why they were not appearing in BIOS :-(
I swore a lot.
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