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[LS] Rangers
13.10.2019, 21:01 

The Dogfight Server is intended as a perk for Members and Guests, it's a public place where pilots can hone their piloting skills, no matter what their skill level is. If you would like to challenge a Lost-Soldiers Member in a private server please refer to the Aviation Academy server.

At the moment the following Maps are rotating in our Dogfight Server:
  • Dogfighting (32) [download] (you spawn in MiG-29 by default)
  • iDF Kubra Dam (64) [download]
  • 100 Ticket Ratio
  • 120 Minutes Time Limit
  • 2 Rounds per Map
  • Map-Voting enabled
  • Port: 11000
  • PW: no password, it's a public dogfight server
You can learn more about Official [LS] Membership by visiting this topic, thank you.
DF TOURNAMENT NOTICE: server will be password-protected during the Worldwide Dogfight Tournament.

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[LS] Rangers
28.04.2020, 22:36  Homepage

  • Increased Time Limit from 60 to 90 min, EDIT: increased to 120 min in June
  • Enabled 1 player to start, to halt empty demos creation on the game server.

Spawn time for this server is set to 1 second. Map start delay is also very low, 5 seconds.

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