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30.08.2020, 02:28 - Marine666 - - 1 Posts
Is there a way to make battlefield 2 don't screen tear
30.08.2020, 09:42 - S_h_a_r_k_93 - Administrator - 4845 Posts
Hello Marine666 and welcome to our Forums.

Battlefield 2 does not support v-sync by default, if your card supports it you will have to force it from your gpu control panel (Catalyst Control Center / Nvidia Control Panel) on the BF2.exe file.

Personally this makes my mouse go funny so I never use it, the mouse does not feel the same (feels like there's butter in it, at least on Bad Company 2 I got this feeling ... smooth visuals but aim was off, turned it off).

If you prefer to take a different approach you can try to pump out as much frames per second as you possibly can and see how it goes, the game has a default cap of 100 fps which can be modified or removed entirely.

What are the specs of your machine and monitor?
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25.11.2021, 19:35 - Z98 - Leading Aircraftman - 3 Posts
Today i opened bf2 and it did not allowed me to play multiplayer games. I played many games before without a problem, i have bf2 hub and everything.
Do someone know what might be the problem?