WebsiteI might be blind, but...

03.11.2021, 02:06 - Sn4rkyPuppy - Leading Aircraftman - 14 Posts
... ist there a search function on this website here happy?
Can't find it right now...
Wanted to search for some players e.g.


Snark Snark!! Chrr°°° ° ° °

03.11.2021, 17:08 - S_h_a_r_k_93 - Administrator - 4981 Posts
Hi there,

we have the Forum Search on the left side of the homepage, to find forum topics (perhaps you can see if the names you're looking for have been written in Forum). To see the button you would need to be logged in: Unlogged users cannot see the User CP menu, but they can still operate Forum Search.

If you are looking to browse our Private Statistics, then you must click on the STATS button on our navigation bar; it'll redirect you to our stats sub-domain where you have Search there as well, at the top: (make sure to read the page explanation, so you can use search wildcards to the fullest)

Do note that those are only the accounts that have connected to our servers, Lost-Soldiers. If you would like to run a global player search, then you must head to the website and use the player search bar at the top.

Kind regards,
Staff Officer Italy S_h_a_r_k_93 

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