BF2 #2 - Dragon ValleyRULES: BF2 Server #2 - Dragon Valley

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The main rules are as follows. Players who break these rules will get a warning (unless otherwise specified), before being kicked and eventually a temporary or permanent ban if they continue to break rules.

Server Specific Rules & AutoAdmin
>> China Do Not Attack The USMC Fixed Base (The Carrier) and its Airspace
  This Includes No Attacking Jets, Helis, Assets & Essex - unless:
--- A Jet may hunt/follow another Jet through Carrier Airspace if dog-fighting or pursuing from prior engagement
--- A Jet may hunt/follow a Heli back to the Carrier but must cease engagement when the heli reaches Carrier
--- A Heli may hunt/follow a Heli back to the Carrier & continue engagement until one or both is/are destroyed
--- Stolen Jets/Helis are not protected and may be attacked by any means, anywhere - by USMC or China

>> USMC Jet Pilots Do Not Attack Grounded Aircraft At Refinery - This Includes Both Helis and the J-10's,
  even if they are empty - Stolen F-35b and stolen AH-1Z / Black Hawk are not protected.

  More detailed informations and examples here (replace "Airfield" with "Refinery")

>> Spec Ops May Destroy Assets (Command Center & Radar) On The Carrier
  But Not Kill/Attack Other Soldiers (Even in Self Defence)
>> Commanders Do Not Fly In Jets/Attack Helis
>> No Fighting Commanders - Commanders May Defend But Must Do Their Job
>> Do Not Artillery The Carrier

Common Server Rules
>> No Red Lining (Immediate Ban)
>> No Glitching (Immediate Permanent Ban)
>> No Stat Padding (Immediate Ban)
>> No Cheating / Hacking (Immediate Permanent Ban)
>> No Forced Team Killing
>> Do Not Force Pickup With Choppers Or Ground Vehicles
>> No Intentional Ramming / No Spearing Aircraft
>> Do Not C4 Your Team Mates

Community Behaviour & Guidelines
>> Treat Each Other With Respect
>> Do Not Argue With Officers/Staff Officers Or Those Who Help Administrate Our Services
>> No Racial, Sexual Or Gender Related Discrimination (Immediate Permanent Ban)
>> No Hate-Speeches
>> No Pushing Religious Beliefs (Immediate Ban)
>> Do Not Recruit Players To A Different Community Or A Clan On Any Of Our Services (Immediate Ban)
>> Do Not Criticise Anyone Who Is A Newbie Or Is Not A Skilled Player. Instead Do The Honourable Thing And Try To Help Them Learn/Improve

Please Feel Free To Ask Any Questions About The Above Rules If Anything Is Unclear.

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