Battlefield 2Online games appear empty after joining

27.12.2021, 16:40 - Sir Skurpsalot - - 2 Posts
I am running BF2 and BF2Hub through playOnLinux on linux mint. I can make an online account, see and connect to servers, but after I join a server it's like nothing is getting sent to my client. What I mean is
even if the server has players, once in game I do not see or hear anyone. If I press tab their names show up on the player list but no ping or scores show. BF2Hub shows everything as green / good to go with my BF2. Any ideas? Thanks for reading.

29.12.2021, 00:16 - PvtStandOn - Corporal - 240 Posts
0 ping and 0 score, is a server with only bots on it. Nothing wrong on your end. Just need to join a server with real people on it.
18.03.2023, 22:58 - Sir Skurpsalot - - 2 Posts
You are correct sir thank you, also needed to disable VPN to successfully connect to games.