BF2 #10 - Custom MapsChristmas Event [2022]

14.01.2023, 12:39 - S_h_a_r_k_93 - Administrator - 4965 Posts

Welcome to our yearly Christmas Winter Event!
This year we will play Arctic Warfare Mod (credits to Dementium4ever)

Event Sunday 22nd of January starting 19:00 CET
BF2 Server: BF2.LOST-SOLDIERS.ORG Port: 12000

We invite you to our yearly AW Custom Event where we play winter-themed custom maps and have lots of fun on this genuine new experience on BF2; don't miss out on joining the Voice Chat too! If you've joined the 2021 Christmas Event, you will only need to download 1 extra level; otherwise just re-download our new bundle.


You have to re-download the mod from our own Downloads page - specifically from the "mirrors" at the bottom of the page - because it contains 1 NEW 2023 extra custom map:

Download Notice: either re-download all, or install Winter Wake Island inside of mods\Arctic_Warfare\Levels
Video Settings Notice: avoid playing on LOW Settings, in particular Low Terrain seems to cause crashes.

P.S. If you have suggestions for new events or if you would like us to host new mods, make sure to submit your feedback in our Community Discussion topic by Galactic|Pegasus !!!

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