BF2 #10 - Custom MapsHalloween Co-op Party [2019]

30.10.2019, 11:01 - S_h_a_r_k_93 - Administrator - 3567 Posts

Welcome to our yearly Halloween Co-op Party!
This year we will play Omnicide, a zombie mod (credits to Master-CA)

 • Install & Play

To install the mod please visit our Downloads page. There are two game modes:

 – SURVIVAL: fight until you're overrun by zombies, no map boundaries,
 – ESCAPE: there's boundaries in the map, find a way to reach the safe zone alive!

 • Additional information

The server will have friendly fire enabled, there will be a time limit so make sure to escape in time! There will also be a player limit to keep things challenging: we expect to play during the evenings spanning from the 31st of October until the 3rd of November, so to reserve your spot in the game server make sure to be in our TeamSpeak Server before the event starts (21:00 CET), there will be a dedicated channel for the event.

If there are more players that want to play at the same time, priority will be given to the ones that are in TeamSpeak first. There are four evenings where you can play so you can take your time: if you do not manage to play during the first night please be patient, the administrators will either free a slot and monitor the server, or you will be granted a reservation for an upcoming night.

If you would like to book a specific night for you and your buddies let us know with a comment in this thread (or by messaging me through our Discord Server) so that we can organize the event in the best way possible.

Thank you and have an awesome time blowing up some zombies!!! Staff

P.S. If you have suggestions for new events or if you would like us to host new mods, make sure to submit your replies in our Community Discussion topic by Germany Galactic|Pegasus !!!

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04.11.2019, 14:21 - S_h_a_r_k_93 - Administrator - 3567 Posts
Thank you for playing co-op together with us during the last 4 days and hanging out on our TeamSpeak Server, we hope that you have all had your share of fun! In light of the turnout of this Halloween Event we are thinking about keeping the server alive (pun intended smile) for a little bit longer.

Thank you all very much and if we managed to give you a good time, keep in mind that you can support further events with a small donation!

Lost-Soldiers Staff

EDIT: Website Gallery of the 2019 Edition of our annual party is available!!!
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