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25.08.2021, 10:09 - Veteranjr - - 2 Posts
Hi, i am Veteranjr, a French Youtuber, creating gaming content, mostly on a franchise that i've been playing since the age of 7: Battlefield. I recently discovered Shark_93, you guys and this Community.

I'm very happy to have seen such passion around this beautiful game. I took time to manually subtitle in English my last video, to share with whoever wants to see it, here > Battlefield's Origins: Veteranjr Explains. Thank you, see you soon.

25.08.2021, 11:30 - Rotblut - Sergeant - 588 Posts
Very good video, keep it comming.


26.08.2021, 23:52 - S_h_a_r_k_93 - Administrator - 4845 Posts
The subtitles were very appreciated. wink

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