BF2 #5 - Special ForcesRULES: BF2 Server #5 - Special Forces

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The main rules are as follows. Players who break these rules will get a warning (unless otherwise specified), before being kicked and eventually a temporary or permanent ban if they continue to break rules.

Server Specific Rules & AutoAdmin
>> The fixed bases are considered "No Enter Zones" - Entering This Zone With A Soldier Will Lead To A Warning & AutoKick (unless you are Spec Ops)
>> NO BASERAPE ON ANY MAP: A smaller part of the fixed bases is considered a "No Kill Zone" - Killing In This Zone Will Lead To A Warning & AutoKick (even if you are Spec Ops), refer to the most recent version in this gallery to know where the zone's boundaries are
>> Spec Ops May Destroy Assets (Command Center, Radar & Artillery) Inside The Fixed Bases But Not Kill/Attack Other Soldiers (Even In Self Defence)
>> Commanders Do Not Fly In Jets/Attack Helis
>> No Fighting Commanders - Commanders May Defend But Must Do Their Job
>> No Claymores Allowed In Flag Radius

Common Server Rules
>> No Red Lining (Immediate Ban)
>> No Glitching (Immediate Permanent Ban)
>> No Stat Padding (Immediate Permanent Ban)
>> No Cheating / Hacking (Immediate Permanent Ban)
>> No Forced Team Killing
>> Do Not C4 Your Team Mates

Community Behaviour & Guidelines
>> Treat Each Other With Respect
>> Do Not Argue With Officers/Staff Officers Or Those Who Help Administrate Our Services
>> No Racial, Sexual Or Gender Related Discrimination (Immediate Permanent Ban)
>> No Hate-Speeches
>> No Pushing Religious Beliefs (Immediate Permanent Ban)
>> Do Not Recruit Players To A Different Community Or A Clan On Any Of Our Services (Immediate Permanent Ban)
>> Do Not Criticise Anyone Who Is A Newbie Or Is Not A Skilled Player. Instead Do The Honourable Thing And Try To Help Them Learn/Improve

Please Feel Free To Ask Any Questions About The Above Rules If Anything Is Unclear.

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25.10.2017, 23:13 - S_h_a_r_k_93 - Administrator - 3993 Posts
Hold on, there is no base-rape rule.
@Forumers Is that ok with you on SF? hmm

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26.10.2017, 00:07 - Princess_Unicorn - Administrator - 454 Posts
No Baserape, please...
26.10.2017, 20:33 - S_h_a_r_k_93 - Administrator - 3993 Posts
I didn't realise it until I saw it yesterday with my own eyes; must not be really funny. I am sorry and I will try to learn how to configure AdminMap to pick up and avoid baseraping, like we do on Wake Island or Gulf of Oman for example.

Bare with it for the next days please, I will investigate this issue with 5tarLine.
Staff Officer Italy S_h_a_r_k_93 

EDIT: Let us discuss the baserape issues here: https://www.lost-soldi...opic=334&page=10#7666.

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22.01.2019, 17:10 - S_h_a_r_k_93 - Administrator - 3993 Posts
Riddick_2K wrote:

Regarding the rules: [toggle=read more]I read them, but there is not only the limitation of claymore to the flag (try to favor the ^exchange of racing flags without fighting^?!?) ... You have a ^strange^ limitation of the ^base rape^.
Apart from being a game of war and not a ^Medieval Tournament^ there is also the base rape (even to me from bothering, but if you are closed in base means that the team is too poor ... avoid spawning and leaving finish the game already lost, rather it would be to implement a ^randomization^ of the players, because the game is still boring, even by winners). But blocking an entire area only on one side ... is discriminatory and generates ugly imbalances.
Either you boil on both sides or nothing is blocked.
And the problem of the assets of the commander aggravates even more the discrimination and the imbalance of the game.
If the SpecOps can destroy assets but NOT defend itself is grotesque! How many would be willing to commit suicide without even being able to defend themselves. So much it is forbidden to stop everything.
Even more serious is if this is NOT done with automatic script ... in this case the discrimination is even more annoying:
There will be the ^uncaring break rules^ that will destroy everything anyway (it always happened on the SUPER @ servers, where it was forbidden to use the C4 but was often used anyway ... and you go to call the admin ... that often if they rub or dry because they do not say they do not live to follow their servers ... and the ^honest^ who will take it in the ass without being able to answer.
Then, these situations also generate other forms of discrimination: who is taken and sanctioned and who is not.
This is the worst situation:
Rules not enforced or enforced ^by chance^.
In my opinion, the first feature of a ^serious^ server is when it enforces ALWAYS and ALL rules!
If there is not the possibility to do it (people, means, resources, ^desire^ sometimes, etc ...) it is better NOT to put any rule ... at least it is clear to everyone and anyone can defend as best he believes .
it is much more civil, democratic and above all sporting = all equal.

Obviously this is just my point of view and in any case a general speech of what I saw in my years of playing BF in all the servers.[/toggle]

1. Claymores
Claymores are a part of the fight: true, they are. We don't limit their numbers, we are just limiting where you can place them. Why do we do that? Well, do you consider a claymore planted on the flag's pole as part of the fight? Are you skilled because you put a mine in a spot where the player must stand, in order to cap the flag? Or do you consider it a free-kill, that is simply annoying? We tend to agree on the latter; you can still use your claymores - as much as they keep byeing annoying by nature - on other strategic points of the map ... including paths to the flags.

2. Baserape
What do you mean by "strange" limitation of baserape? Ours is not a no-rules server, as you have noticed; and baserape is never funny ... in the thread where I quoted you from you state that baserape is the result of one team being weaker than the other ... and I would guess that it is a correct statement! But so, do you find it commendable to then bring the stronger team inside the weaker's one main base, and starting to baserape / spawn rape the shit out of them? That's a great way to kill the server for sure: 1) you end up forcing them to disconnect, 2) nobody from the stronger team will willingly switch to the weaker one because of baserape (DUH!), 3) the stronger team will likely disconnect too because there are no weaklings to rape anymore, 4) server is completely dead.

We don't want that, we want both teams to have a great time, weak or not; therefore baserape is not allowed. If you force the enemy team to the main base and they can't get out, switch teams and try to help them. In my opinion it is not fun anymore, if the teams are unbalanced. You capped all the flags? You have a strong team? Fair enough, now switch and start over; try to cap everything back! Fight back the strong team! Carry your team! I find it funny, because I am a strong player. If the strong players perform team-stacking and they stick to the stronger team well GG for them then, it's very easy to capitalize on newbies and weaklings, good job.

If you want real war, go enlist in the Army or play a simulation game. This is not Arma or Project Reality, nor a "mediaval tournament" ... this is Battlefield. Also, for your information ... in the maps where the main base is uncappable ... if the team stop spawning the round doesn't end until time runds out or the tickets finish bleeding. Then you say it is also discriminatory. How is it "discriminatory" if we are usually either blocking baserape for both teams, or for the team that starts handicapped?

3. Spec Ops
The point of the Special Operations squads is to be stealthly and deadly at the same time, not to engage in guerrilla warfare. Being caught while attempting to sabotage the enemy's assets equals to a mission failure for a Special Operations soldier. Therefore, you cannot go in the enemy's main base gun-blazing, Rambo style, and destroy the assets ... that is baserape. If you want to sabotage the enemy's assets or vehicles you should be stealthly and you shall not get caught; hence why Spec Ops cannot kill anybody, not even in self defence. The game is to reach the asset(s) without getting caught; that's the fun of it, that's the skill of it ("[who] be willing to commit suicide without even being able to defend themselves" ~ a skilled player would).

This behaviour is scripted, it doesn't need an admin to be online. You can only enter in the main enemy bases as Spec Ops, otherwise AutoAdmin will trigger some messages to get out of the main base. If you kill somebody, it will count as a baserape (which is monitored by the AutoAdmin as well). Perhaps if you would actually spend some time on our servers first, before writing this nonsense about honest players and casual administratorship, you'd know better.

"Obviously this is just my point of view and in any case a general speech of what I saw in my years of playing BF in all the servers." Exactly that! Play on our servers first instead of writing general assumptions that don't belong to this Community.

Staff Officer Italy S_h_a_r_k_93 

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