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Hey dear internet surfer! Are you new to Discord?
Fear not! I'm here to help with a simple guideline and a couple of key concepts that you need to know

A) We mainly use the "web app" - https://discordapp.com - because it's very handy and well-made,
  but if you want the full experience you can download the app for Windows or for your smartphone later.

B) Supposedly you are reading this guideline because you don't have a full Discord Account yet,
  so when you'll join our Discord Server for the first time you will be prompted to pick a username.

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1. Invite screen


2. Invite screen (filled)


3. Claim screen

  You will also be prompted right away to claim your account by submitting an email and a password:
  do that, you will receive a confirmation email. If you don't please take a look at this support article.

  If for any reason you dismissed the "claim your account" popup, you can still claim your account by
  opening the user settings (click on the cog icon on the bottom-left, next to your username) and
  then going into the My Account menu. From there you can submit your email and your password.

C) The final important key concept in case you'll use the web app only (especially if you plan to use
  Discord on multiple PCs) is that in order to access it you shall use this URL: https://discordapp.com/login
  or this one (to land on our default channel): https://discordapp.com...204288/304107718984204288.
  I suggest you to bookmark the link above in your web browser and use it to open the Discord web app.

  Don't use the button on our homepage anymore because you risk being prompted to create a new
  Discord Account, when you already have one. Notice the tiny Already have an account? link under
  the Continue button in the first screenshot: that's what you have to click in case you end up visiting
  our invite link again by mistake or from another PC.

If you are struggling and you need further help, you can always message me on Discord (even if you didn't manage to claim your account yet) or on the other platforms linked under my signature. https://i.imgur.com/zODPGxl.png
My full username on Discord is S_h_a_r_k_93#6391.

NEWS: Discord Revamp November 2019

Discord also offers guidelines too, they're available here if interested

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