TeamSpeakTutorial: Installation & Config.

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Dear visitor, in this thread we are going to cover these topics:

 • installing and configuring the TeamSpeak 3 Client;
 • connecting to the TeamSpeak Server []

When you are done configuring the TeamSpeak 3 Client, feel free to look up our Server Privileges!

If you are more of a visual person, this video of mine explains each topic in greater detail:

If you would like a written tutorial instead, keep on reading ...

DISCLAIMER: To keep everything clean and short we will be making use of the support articles provided by, with the necessary adjustments / suggestions for each step.


Follow the first support article in order to download the Client and to install it (the screenshots may be outdated but the installation steps are still the same). During Step 7 make sure to uncheck the Overwolf checkbox as it is not mandatory to install this overlay software in order to use the Client.

First Run

On the first run, TeamSpeak will prompt you to create a myTeamSpeak account, which can be used to synchronize your data across multiple devices. If you do not intend to use this feature you can skip it by clicking "Continue" and then "Continue without logging in", like I show here in the video tutorial.

Microphone Settings

If you're still following the support articles you are probably wondering where have the microphone settings gone, as they are not part of the first-run wizard anymore. If you would like to change the microphone or playback settings (for example setting up Push To Talk or testing the sensitivity of your microphone) read this support article or pick up my video from the 2:23 mark.

Additional Settings

You might want to set up a few hotkeys as well, for example you can go into the Hotkeys menu in Tools > Options and set up some keyboard buttons to trigger the "Toggle Microphone Mute" and "Toggle Speaker Mute" actions in the TeamSpeak 3 Client (pick up the video from here).

Connecting to Voice Server

Follow this support article in order to connect to our TeamSpeak 3 Server for the first time (address details below). Then, once you are connected, feel free to bookmark us in your TeamSpeak 3 Client. You will be able to connect to our Voice Server using the Bookmarks menu as well.

Server Address:

Disconnecting from Voice Server

In order to disconnect from our Voice Server you can either close the TeamSpeak 3 Client entirely, or you can click on the Connections menu and select one of the available options (in order to just disconnect or to disconnect and quit the Client as well).

For any trouble or concern feel free to submit a new reply under this post!!

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Great job, thank-you for the hard work that has gone into this!


28.04.2019, 14:23 - PlayerAlpha - Senior Aircraftman (Technician) - 76 Posts
Great job on the tutorial, very simple and easy to follow.

My question is, I'm curious as to what Teamspeak (or other 3rd party voice servers) does better than the stock VoIP function in-game (other than the fact that you can hang out while not in game)?
28.04.2019, 14:56 - S_h_a_r_k_93 - Administrator - 4981 Posts
Well, if you take into consideration the BF2 in-game voip, first of all it's very low quality ... I don't know about you but often times I have trouble understanding other people due to the quality of the voice trasmission. Secondly correct me if I'm wrong but there's no voice activation option in Battlefield 2's voip settings.

And finally you can add a lot more complexity to voice chatting if you have a dedicated voice server: whilst it's true that in the game voip you can talk to your squad mates (only) and the squad leader has a direct radio ch. with the commander, in a dedicated voice server you can disengage from the game mechanics and you talk talk to enemies, you can re-create the squads if needed, you can technically also "whisper" to the commander if you want to, but overall you can put the server to use in many other scenarios and other games too.

Just as an example refer to the last image I have posted in the server privileges thread:

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Gotcha, makes sense.

23.01.2020, 18:52 - cataly63 - Moderator - 438 Posts
very helpful ! thanks to have take the time for this clear video !

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You're welcome Cat, you're most welcome.

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