BF2 #3 - Gulf Of Omangrey area on Gulf

15.06.2017, 19:21 - jostotest - Administrator - 962 Posts
Bit unsure here, I was asked if once a heli has taken off from the carrier or the airfield, can they be attacked?, A guy was hovering over his airfield in attack heli,(Gulf of Oman ) and was asking this question.
Same thing with a jet?heli, once their wheels are off the ground, on any server.
i believe they can be attacked but think they have to be up high, or does this count as base rape,would auto pick it up .
24.07.2017, 12:31 - StarLine - Administrator - 2015 Posts
I think a common sense approach is best. If a Heli is just taking off and gets TVed by another Heli or destroyed by a jet immediately before it has a chance to exit the base then that is not allowed. If it however starts attacking the enemy whilst maintaining a hover over the airfield or carrier then yes it can be attacked back.

AutoAdmin may or may not always identify this completely correctly. It's possible that sometimes a warning will be given when it shouldn't be, it's also possible a warning will not be given when it should be.

If you notice AutoAdmin getting something basic wrong that you think it really shouldn't again and again please let me know.


24.07.2017, 13:05 - jostotest - Administrator - 962 Posts
Thank you 5tar, that clears it up for me,
On auto not doing what is expected, look at thread Battlefield 2/general/ strange, please