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  • Files >> Battlefield 2 Mods >> Pirates 2

Hardy harr to all pirates, marauders, and swashbucklers as well as to all ye landlubbers out there! Meet Battlefield Pirates 2, a full conversion modification of Battlefield 2 featuring big ships, big guns, and big hats!

BFP2 offers a truly fantastic and thrilling experiences that no other mod rival, an exciting theme set in the lush environments of the Carribean, as well as guns, ships, cannons for everyone's taste!


There are 2 main game modes besides conquest assault, some maps support both modes and some don't (you'll see CTF/ZM in the map name respectively).

 • Capture The Flag: players need to capture the opposing team's flag 4 times to win a round. Flags are stolen by reaching the enemy base flag and captured by returning the flag to your own base flag - so long as their flag is present. Whilst you're carrying the flag your position is shown on the minimap, so you'll need to be quick and work as a team to defend the flag carrier.

If you're killed and drop the flag, a teammate can pick it up and carry on, or the flag can be automatically returned to its flag pole by being rescued by the enemy. If after 30 seconds no one on either team has reached the dropped flag it will be returned to base.

 • Zombie: once enough players have spawned in a 1-minute countdown will begin, whilst this timer is counting down you are free to explore the map and kill other players. After this 60 seconds, all players will be killed and one player will be randomly chosen to be the undead zombie. All other players will join the pegleg team and then everyone will spawn back into the game again.

It's now just a case of survival, each time the zombie kills a pegleg they'll be added to the undead zombie team and gradually the balance will turn as the outnumbered undead will begin to outnumber the peglegs. There'll be no place to hide for the last remaining peglegs either as the minimap will randomly choose a pegleg and show their location on a regular interval.

Enemy Vessel Boarding is also possible...
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– download the file and run it, it will extract the files and then the InstallShield Wizard will guide you through the installation;
– if the download is slow for you, additional download mirrors are listed at the bottom of the page;
– during the installation wizard make sure to select the path where you have Battlefield 2 installed;
– at the end of the installation, a shortcut will be placed on your Desktop and it will launch the mod.


To activate the mod you can either go through the usual way (main menu > community > custom games > bfp2 > activate) or you can use the custom shortcut that will be created on your Desktop (if it does not work, create a new shortcut to BF2.exe and append these parameters in the target field: +menu 1 +fullscreen 1 +modPath mods/bfp2 +ignoreAsserts 1).

If you have trouble installing this modification feel free to contact S_h_a_r_k_93 either through the Forum or by using one of these channels.
DOWNLOAD NOTICE: download the file directly from one of the mirrors at the bottom for faster speed, as the file is too big to download via LS website.

Category: Battlefield 2 Mods
Uploader: Italy S_h_a_r_k_93
Uploaded on: 13.10.2020
Rating: (10 / 10, 1 votes)
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SIZE: 855 MB
Downloads: 822 x
Traffic: 686.34 GB
Mirrors: download via mirror #2
download via mirror #3
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